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Previous Events

Mile High Extravaganja and Revue

Sept. 8, 2011
Casselman's Bar and Venue

2620 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205

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Great Legalization Debates of 2012 -- Round Two

Wed., Aug. 10, 2011
Casselman's Bar and Venue
2620 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205

Free and open to the public.



6:30pm to 7:00pm: Updates from
7:00pm to 9:00pm: Debate
9:00pm to 11:00pm: Music and mingling

Join us in shaping Colorado Cannabis Policy for the 21st Century!

Several Colorado groups are interested in putting a citizen's initiative on the ballot in 2012 to amend the state Constitution to "legalize" cannabis, but what does "legalization" really mean? Can all these groups work together to create true legalization based on cannabis freedom? In an attempt to find unity among these groups, has organized the "Great Legalization Debates of 2012". The goal of the debates is to discuss ideas, policy and strategy on what will work best to protect Colorado cannabis consumers from arrest, prosecution and discrimination. Colorado is a model for the rest of the country, yet we don't have a clear idea of what is the best cannabis law for the state.

With increasing public support for legalization, the question is not when cannabis will be re-legalized, but how it will be re-legalized. Cannabis hasn't been legal in Colorado for all adults since 1937. Will Colorado's new legalization look like it did in the early 1900s, or will it look like something new in the 21st Century?

Will the Department of Revenue law enforcement officers be allowed to control all cannabis in the state, as MPP's Colorado initiative proposes, or should an amendment be proposed to let the Health Department regulate cannabis or to form an independent commission of the state's cannabis experts?

Is Colorado ready for true "legalization", or do we really want more regulations on cannabis?

Join us in this lively and friendly debate amongst legalization supporters to determine the best path for a Colorado citizen's ballot initiative to amend the Constitution in 2012.

- Sponsored by The Cannabis Re-legalization Act (language in process)

- Rev. Brandon Baker of the Greenfaith Ministry, proponent of the Colorado Safer Communities & Health Initiative, modeled after homebrewing
- Robert Chase, Colorado Coalition for Patients and Caregivers
- Kathleen Chippi, Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project, proponent of the "Inalienable Rights" model. Amend Article 2, Section 3 of the Colorado Constitution, making cannabis an inalienable right
- Agua Das, Hemp I Scream and cannabis hemp expert
- Rico Colibri, CARE: Cannabis Alliance for Regulation & Education: Responsible Adult Use and Equalization of Cannabis Laws Act
- Danyel S. Joffe, Attorney
- Kyle Marsh, aka Cap'n Cannabis, producer of the documentary "Vitamin Cannabis"
- - Plus questions from the audience, live and from cyberspace


Click here for a review of the different initiatives
by Westword

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Ballot Initiative Proposal Summaries

These summaries were written by the ballot initiative proponents.
Compiled by

Cannabis Re-legalization Act - Legalize
The amendment will be a true legalization amendment. It will abolish all marijuana crimes from the Colorado Revised Statutes. It also removes the word "marijuana" and "marihuana" from the statutes because of its racist origins, and replaces it with the word with cannabis. The proposal uses "intent" to determine whether an amount was for personal use or commercial use, thereby avoiding the need to institute "seed to sale" tracking of cannabis users. Any time there is a number in a statute (like 1 oz / 6 plants), you create a position for law enforcement to count, measure or weigh that number. This results in more prohibition laws, not fewer. The amendment will create an independent Cannabis Commission, which will be comprised of cannabis experts appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Cannabis Commission will be charged with implementing the new law and creating regulations. This eliminates the problem that we have currently in the General Assembly, Health Department and Department of Revenue where people who have absolutely no cannabis experience are creating all the rules and regulations for the industry.
The Cannabis Re-legalization Act (language coming soon)

DPA/MPP/Sensible/SAFER - Colo. Const. Article XVIII, Section 16: Personal use and regulation of marijuana
*** NOTE: This initiative has already been filed and the language cannot be changed
Constitutional amendment providing for the regulation of marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. All penalties are removed for personal use and possession of up to one ounce, home cultivation of up to six plants, and possession of the yield of those plants for individuals 21 and older. These limits can be expanded but not reduced. The state must allow licensed retail stores, cultivation facilities, product manufacturing facilities, and testing facilities, as well as cultivation of industrial hemp. An excise tax of up to 15 percent on wholesale sales can be enacted with a statewide vote of the people.
Read the MPP Model

Colorado Safer Communities & Health Initiative - Home Brew Model - Greenfaith Ministry
Remove cannabis from the state's law books, set 8 plant, 8oz, age limit §18-18-406.3, C.R.S. (debatable) to define individual/business. Use EXISTING laws to regulate; Underage Use - 21yrs from alcohol §12-47-903, C.R.S., Recreational - manufacturing, licensing, zoning, wholesaling and retailing from microbrew §12-46 & 12-47, C.R.S., Industrial - sales/zoning from agricultural §1202 & 1203, 8 CCR. (No limits), Taxes - use that from which it's sold as §39, C.R.S. Make MJ Departments petition Feds for rescheduling, ban cannabis sales at mmj, alcohol or tobacco businesses, keep all revenue in communities (health, betterment and safety improvements), DOESN'T effect MMJ, moves to pardon non violent cannabis prisoners.

Free Colorado Cannabis Act by Crazy for Justice
The purpose of the FCCA is to completely end the war on cannabis. The FCCA:
1) Frees all non-violent cannabis offenders by January 1 2012 and allow for reparations for wrongs done.
2) Allows for possession, use, distribution, sales, cultivation, and manufacturing of cannabis in all forms and for all amounts.
3) Declares 4/20 will be declared a state holiday called Cannabis Freedom Day.
4) Creates a cannabis commission to create rules.
5) Only sales tax licenses necessary to sell cannabis/no extra taxes
6) Taxes allocated only to Education, Health, Infrastructure and environmental protection.
Read the Free Colorado Cannabis Act

Cannabis Inalienable Rights Project
The "Inalienable Right" model proposes to amend Article 2 of the Colorado Constitution (the Colorado Bill of Rights). Section 3 (Inalienable rights) would be amended by the inclusion of a new phrase, as follows:
All persons have certain natural, essential and inalienable rights, among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; of acquiring, possessing and protecting property; of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness; and of acquiring, cultivating, seeking and obtaining cannabis.

C.A.R.E.: Responsible Adult Use and Equalization of Cannabis Laws Act
C.A.R.E's language seeks to equalize commercial cannabis sales with that of commercial tobacco for adults 21+. This model is based on the safety of cannabis and the desire to allow equal economic opportunities for all Coloradans. Industrial hemp is treated the same as other agricultural products, but separate from responsible adult use. Personal use is equivalent to non-taxed home brewing. The initiative petitions the Governor to consider pardons for F4 and below marijuana convictions that have been discharged for 10 years and allows for reformed adults to seal records. Earmarks tax revenue to benefit all Coloradans.
Proponent: Rico Colibri

The Danish Plan by Paul Danish
Provides that the use of marijuana and its possession for personal use shall not be punished. See attached. Read the Danish Plan

The Great Legalization Debates of 2012 are sponsored by:
"Take the Greed Out of the Weed"
P.O. Box 19084, Boulder, CO 80308
Phone: 877-420-4205
Web :


Legalize2012 Money Bomb

Previous Meetings


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Wed., May 11, 2011
Casselman's Bar and Venue
2620 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205

Free and open to the public.

We will be attempting to stream this meeting live on Ustream. Wish us luck! If everything goes well, you should be able to tune in at 6:30pm Mountain Time and watch the event.

Legalize 2012 Monthly Networking Meeting


6:30pm to 7:00pm

7:00pm to 9:00pm
Medical Marijuana Legal Panel
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Medical Marijuana Legal Panel
TOPIC: Legislative Wrap-Up


Robert J. Corry Jr. (Denver)
Phone: 303-634-2244

Lauren C. Davis (Denver)
Phone: (303) 634-2268

Danyel Joffe (Denver)
Attorney at Law
Phone: 303-757-6572

Craig Small (Boulder)
Phone: (303) 442.8900

Leonard Frieling (Boulder)
Phone (303) 666-4064

Ann Toney, Lawyer (Denver)
Phone: 303-399-5556

WORKING PRESS: Receive complimentary food and drinks courtesy of the Cannabis Press Association. Check in at the CPA press table.

More information:

Cannabis Therapy Institute

Legalize 2012

Patient and Caregivers Rights Litigation Project

Cannabis Trade Council

Cannabis Press Association

Legalize 2012 Campaign Kickoff Event on Wednesday, the campaign to relegalize cannabis for adult use in Colorado in 2012, will hold a kickoff event on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010 in Boulder. The guest speaker will be Paul Danish, former Boulder County Commissioner and Boulder City Councilman, who will speak on "The Politics of Cannabis Relegalization".

Paul Danish has been an avid proponent of cannabis relegalization for many years. In 1992, he was one of the proponents and authors of the first statewide ballot initiative that would have relegalized cannabis in Colorado. He is also a columnist, having written many articles about the sanity of relegalizing cannabis for adult use for local and national publications.

This meeting is free and open to the public. All volunteers who would like to work on the Campaign are encouraged to attend.

Legalize2012 Kickoff Event

The Politics of Cannabis Relegalization
with Paul Danish

Best Western Boulder Inn
770 28th Street, Boulder, CO
On the 28th Street Frontage Road near Baseline
Time: 6:30pm to 9:00pm

FREE and open to the public


Legalize 2012
Phone: 877-420-4205

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