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Ballot Initiative #30
"Regulation of Marijuana"

CHART: Comparison of Colorado Cannabis (Marijuana) Ballot Initiatives
Read a comparison between the Initiative and Initiative 30.

Marijuana Policy Project, a Washington DC-based lobbying group, has written a Constiutional Amendment and is currently collecting signatures to put the Amendment on the Colorado ballot.

Init. 30 was modeled after HB 10-1284, the medical marijuana regulatory model created by the General Assembly in 2010, which was designed to put most dispensaries out of business through an onerous and burdensome model of over-regulation, controlled by law enforcement. Init. 30 gives sweeping powers to Department of Revenue "pot police" to regulate cannabis for all Coloradans in any way they want. It also creates an unlimited funding source for the police. Even more dangerous, Init. 30 puts DUI-Marijuana into the state Constitution and does nothing to protect Colorado citizens from the federal government's enforcement of federal marijuana prohibition laws. Since HB 10-1284 was opposed by most patients and cannabis activists in the state as a statute, activists think it is a bad idea to put this language into the Colorado Constitution, which is so difficult to amend.

Be prepared to educate yourself and other voters who may be confused by the two campaigns. Read more about the two campaigns on our website.

Initiative 30 is Not "Legalization" and is Not "Similar to Alcohol"

Comparison of Colorado Ballot Initiatives

Legalization Models: Freedom or Fear?

The lobbied to take the word "legalization" out of the ballot title, but are still marketing their ballot initiative as "legalization", deceiving and misleading voters. This ballot initiative is supported by Sensible, SAFER, NORML, DPA. It is funded by almost $1 million in out-of-state funding, primarily from Peter Lewis, the chairman of the board of Progressive Insurance Companies.

The differences between the campaign and the Initiative 30 campaign cannot be characterized as "in-fighting" any more than the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination can be called "in-fighting." The differences between the two proposals represent a fundamental policy question in cannabis politics: How will cannabis be re-legalized and how the states will protect themselves from federal intervention?

Since Init. 30 creates more laws, more penalties and more prohibitions, and creates unlimited funding for law enforcement, it cannot be considered a "baby step" towards full legalization. Even the authors of Init. 30 agreed that their model should not even be called "legalization."

By creating new marijuana crimes and funding the police to enforce different prohibitions, this law enforcement model actually does the exact opposite of true legalization. This is why many cannabis activists will always be opposed to such a model, whether it is proposed by the General Assembly or by other marijuana law reform groups. This is not "in-fighting", it is a fundamental policy difference between groups with two completely different goals.

However, comparisons to the Occupy movement are appropriate: The initiative represents the 99% through an independent citizen's commission, while the Init. 30 campaign represents corporate cannabis control to benefit a small percentage of businesses.


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